Xactly Forecasting® Partners with Provarity

Russ Lujan
Co-Founder and CEO

Xactly Forecasting® Empowers a New Era of AI-Driven Revenue Intelligence and Partners with Provarity

Xactly has partnered with Provarity, a revenue collaboration and intelligence platform that increases forecasting fidelity. With Provarity’s Presales Signals for Revenue Operations, Xactly users are now able to access robust data sets surrounding presales qualification, determine risk, deal health, and product gaps for comprehensible, actionable sales forecasting to increase win rates.

"We are excited to bring Provarity Presales Signals to Xactly Forecasting. Presales data and insights are the missing links to a new era of unified revenue intelligence for revenue teams," said Russ Lujan, co-founder and CEO, Provarity.

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