Sales Forecasting to Hit Your Numbers

David McCulley
Co-Founder, EVP of PreSales

• Is your sales forecasting data outdated when you get them?

• Is that data useful?

• Are you increasing your win rates, or do you find yourself scrambling to salvage deals and pivot at the end of each quarter?

It’s time for Provarity, the modern robust sales forecasting upgrade you need to digitally transform your sales process and gain the unfair advantage you’re looking for.

Provarity is designed to elevate your sales forecasting by eliminating siloed data and placing it all on one interface that manages and tracks your entire sales operations in real time for unparalleled control. The result: Drastically reduced sales cycles and exponentially increased win rates.

Let’s dive-into why Provarity is a sales forecasting gamechanger:

1.     Provarity Unlocks What’s in the Mind of Your Sales Engineers

Today, sales engineers, SE leaders, and sales teams continue to struggle with hitting quarterly numbers due to last-minute deal decay as well as incorrect evaluations caused by a lack of presales data. Unfortunately, executive teams don’t have the intel and data they need to properly manage and increase sales—that information exists in the mind of sales engineers and isn’t always communicated through CRM’s, project management apps, emails or spreadsheets.

Because Provarity integrates with your current CRM and sales forecasting solutions, it streamlines your sales operations to give you intelligence and awareness. And with Provarity’s proprietary presales revenue forecasting signals, you gain instant awareness on the health of your deals so you can easily manage operations, giving you more time to pivot, more time to save deals, and more profitability.

2.      Provarity Places All Data on One Interface

Up until now, SE’s, SE leaders, and sales teams have been using a combination of CRM’s, spreadsheets, emails, and phone calls to manage their sales operations, POC’s, and sales predictions. That means a significant amount of important data is lost in forgotten conversations and is never realized or analyzed.

Provarity places all communication, information, and intelligence on one interface so you can gain the situational awareness you need to make real time decisions that will affect your bottom line. In addition, Provarity’s built-in presales signal function cross-references all data to give you real time deal decay alerts so you can take corrective action instantly.

3.      Provarity’s Presales Signals for Revenue Operations Ensures True Comprehensive Actionable Sales Forecasting

The fact is, revenue leaders have limited presales intelligence because nearly all sales engineers use outdated presales solutions that require immense data input that’s rarely shared or analyzed. In short, SE’s need more functionality and more intelligence from their presales solutions to gain an advantage and increase technical win rates.

With Provarity’s presales signaling capabilities, you gain robust data sets surrounding qualification, scheduling, health, and product that you can integrate with your current sales and revenue forecasting systems to complete the digital transformation of your business and gain comprehensible actionable sales forecasting.

4.      Provarity Identifies and Solves Problems Before They Happen

What’s the point of forecasting if by the time you realize a deal is in decay it’s too late to save it? What’s the point in filling in spreadsheets if by the time the data is analyzed, deals have already failed?

Because Provarity is designed to deliver more robust data surrounding the entirety of your sales operation, it’s also able to quickly identify unhealthy deals and alert your team regarding what action(s) is required to solve the problem. The faster your sales leaders can solve a problem, the bigger your bottom line grows.

5.      Provarity Eliminates the “Lost to the Competitor” Factor

Many SE’s, sales leaders, and revenue leaders often complain of being “blindsided” by failed deals or underperforming quarters. 99.9% of the time these last-minute failed deals aren’t actually last minute. They’re the culmination of weeks or even months of neglect, unrealized data, miscommunication, collaborative delays, or just plain human error.

While team project management and collaboration apps are effective at communicating between a handful of people, they aren’t capable of intelligently making sense of the data being shared between an entire company. With Provarity’s presales signals for revenue forecasting capabilities, your team gains an unfair competitive advantage by taking action before deals begin to decay, giving your entire team situational awareness from top-to-bottom and that leaves lurking competitors out of the equation.

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