Manage All Your Evaluations From One Simple Workspace

Provarity is a collaborative automation platform that integrates with your CRM to help track, monitor and organize all your presales activities.

Where Are The Solutions for SEs? 

Whether you’re called a presales engineer, sales engineer or solutions consultant, the job is hard. Technical sales is complex, and there is a ton of information and tasks to keep track of and too little time to do it. 

Unfortunately, you have to depend on a combination of the CRM, spreadsheets and note-taking apps to organize discovery notes, POV check-ins and product feature requests. But if we are being real, managing these disconnected systems makes your job harder, not easier.  

While the sales team has Salesforce, historically, presales have yet to have modern technical solutions to support day-to-day operations.

Manage Your Workload Without The Worry 

Provarity provides a dedicated workspace to track, monitor and organize all your presales activities. We simplify and automate the evaluation process so you can skip the repetitive data entry and the stress of not knowing what priorities to focus on and what critical task may fall through the cracks. Provarity helps you be more productive, decrease cycle times and increase technical win rates.  

Collaborative Workspace

Plan & Manage Evaluations

Easily assign an evaluation project plan for your customer evaluations, allowing easy management to include technical discovery, success criteria, product feature requests, collaboration, and more.

Automated Workflows

Increase Your Win Rate

Focusing more time on the best opportunities with real-time insight means faster technical wins more often.

Health Engine

Prioritize Your Daily Activities

View what tasks are due next across all your current evaluations. This evaluation optimization allows you to reclaim hours in your day.  Now you can work smarter, not harder. 

Success Criteria

Optimize Workflows 

Stop wasting time on technically unqualified leads. Provarity’s health engine and deal qualifier give you the intelligence to manage your time profitably.

Realtime Feeds

Alert & Escalation Capabilities

Reminders and alerts on tasks due and a health engine performing automated checks helping to keep you on track.  Provarity allows you to escalate opportunities for management visibility and assistance when required.

As Sales & Technology Leaders

We Have Lived This Challenge

Provarity was founded by a team of sales engineering and collaboration technology experts driven by a common goal to empower enterprise purchase stakeholders with unparalleled insight and visibility into the value exchange between vendor and buyer.

But Don’t Take Our Word For It

Hear What Our Customers Have To Say...

Stephen Poeppe, SVP Solution Strategy Armis

The business value is crystal clear. Provarity's collaborative selling environment has revolutionized our sales motion. The result has been a 30% decrease in POV cycle time, reduced customer acquisition cost, and substantially increased technical win rates.

Stephen Poeppe
SVP Solution Strategy

Provarity solved the most complex and expensive challenge in the enterprise presales process - the evaluation! The ability to enforce consistent workflow & visibility delivers immediate ROI.

Lennart van de Ende
VP Sales Engineering
Menlo Security