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Continuous Proof of Value

Continuous Proof of Value is a customer centered and evidence-based approach for how product capabilities live up to the Value Promises made during and after the sales cycle. In presales, the term POV is oftentimes used interchangeably with POC as shorthand for Proof of Concept or the Evaluation phase. At Provarity, we view Continuous Proof of Value as a full-lifecycle activity that lives throughout the customer relationship.


The Continuous Proof of Value Lifecycle

Provarity XM is a AI-Enhanced POV Lifecycle Automation platform, transforming collaboration between revenue teams and buyers across the customer lifecycle


During Presales, the customer looks for proof that the capabilities on offer serve the stated business needs.


During the success phase, the customer is validating whether the product in fact addresses their day to day needs.


Renewal is the performance review for service products, where the customer must gauge past and future value and decide.


If the customers' needs are being met or exceeded, getting clarity on this is crucial for expanding the product footprint next cycle.

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Build Trust
With Provarity Cloud

Deliver a purchase and success experience that builds trust with key stakeholders throughout the customer lifecycle  

Realtime Visibility

Provarity's health engine flags evaluations, deployments and success motions that aren't executing to plan, giving you the opportunity to intervene before it's too late.

Automated Delivery

Our template driven stage manager makes it easy to disseminate and enforce best practices, so that every one of your customers receives a great experience, every time.

Seamless Experience

Provarity's single screen experience accelerates onboarding and rapid collaboration across teams, customers and partners.

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“The economic benefit that Provarity delivers is staggering. Finally, there is a collaborative & unified platform to manage the entire POV process that ensures a dramatic reduction in customer acquisition costs and substantially higher win rates.”

Jeff Williams — President, Armis

“Provarity solved the most complex and expensive challenge in the enterprise presales process - the evaluation! The ability to enforce consistent workflow & visibility delivers immediate ROI"

Lennart van den Ende
VP Presales — Cisco, FireEye

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