provarity Security overview

Rooted in Integrity and Security

Customer confidence begins with our unwavering commitment to personal and product security. Provarity utilizes transparent, best-practice security mechanisms to protect physical, network, and application components across the entire Provarity platform. In addition, Provarity’s security and privacy teams establish policies and controls, monitor compliance, and prove our security and compliance to third-party auditors.

SOC 2/GDPR Certified

Provarity carries SOC 2 certification, a security framework that specifies how organizations should protect customer data from unauthorized access, security incidents, and other vulnerabilities. Provarity also carries GDPR certification for the EU as well.

Information security is a top priority for Provarity. Our SOC 2 and GDPR certifications demonstrate our commitment to information security, data protection, and continuous improvement.

Operational Security

Protect Customer Data

Customer data is classified, secured, encrypted, and stored in separate repositories while entrusted to Provarity. Additionally, all IP generated from the use of the Provarity platform, including all customer data stored on the platform, remains the property of the customer.

Infrastructure Management

Access to infrastructure, networks, and data is minimized and controlled with best practice authentication systems.

Complete Segregation and Defense-in-Depth

Each customer’s platform is hosted in a separate virtual private cloud with data encrypted in the platform and in transit to and from the cloud.

Security Processes

Physical/Product Security

·     Vulnerability Scanning

·     Penetration Testing

Enterprise Security

·     Endpoint Protection

·     Secure Remote Access

·     Identity and Access Management

Data Privacy

·     Regulatory Compliance

Third-Party Security

·     Risk and Security Threat Identification

Continual Improvement

·     Regular Updates to Best Practices