Presales Digital Transformation...Build It Or Buy It!

David McCulley
Co-Founder, EVP of PreSales

Can You Build Provarity Presales Functionality In Your CRM?

Provarity is a presales modernization or digital transformation solution with the primary goal of providing a management platform for technical validation during the evaluation sales stage. There are four key stakeholders to the data that is now collected. Sales can receive critical intelligence around the evaluation stage that are powerful forecasting signals pertaining to scheduling and health. The platform also provides a simplistic solution for presales engineers making the evaluation process seamless.

Product managers can also leverage the intelligence as presales engineers log new feature customer requests that may be required in order to close the deal. Consolidating these requests and providing visibility into the value makes it easy for product management to focus on revenue generating product gaps.

Finally, your postsales teams will become more efficient revenue generators as they leverage the presales intelligence to ease the transition from sales to customer. As delivery becomes faster and easier organizations can bill for services completed in a timely fashion, while maintaining a high standard of customer satisfaction.

Organizations have been building custom presales or evaluation objects in their CRMs for years. The problem is CRMs, are foundationally data entry solutions. It is difficult enough to get account managers to regularly enter high quality content, which is essential for CRMs to generate value. By trying to manage evaluations through custom objects sales engineers will also have to regularly enter data into the CRM. The solution will only work well if the quality of that data entry is accurate. When managing evaluations, unfortunately we deal with a plethora of data.

Provarity is fundamentally built on project management workflows, not data entry. When the sales engineer applies a workflow an automatic list of step-by-step tasks is added to the deal, which a sales engineer simply checks off as they complete the tasks. Provarity collects data such as scheduling, health and other key success metrics and automatically synchronizes it with the CRM.

There are other modules within Provarity which would be extremely challenging to build within the CRM. This includes team member requests and approvals, product gap requests and consolidation, success criteria tracking, auto-scheduling, alerting and notification and a dynamic health engine.

Much of the data acquired within these other modules are leveraged by other teams within the organization, including customer success, product management and revenue operations. Provarity can also invite customers and channel partners to these evaluations, which can simplify tasks, staging and communications between these parties.

To build all this into a CRM object and keep it up to date with new features and functionality can be a monumental effort. Not to mention it will cost an organization hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales operations.

Several of Provarity’s customers have made an attempt to include presales intelligence into the CRMs and due to high volumes of manual data entry there is a lack of adoption. These customers have since abandoned these initiatives and have migrated over to Provarity, which is a much easier and welcoming platform for sales engineers to manage these evaluations.

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