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Barry Ross
Digital Transformation Marketing

People, Processes, and Technology are the keys to Digital Transformation success. Most people focus on the technology alone, however, it's the people who are the keys to your real success in making changes in any area of your organization.

The Account Manager and the Sales Engineer relationship significantly contributes to the success of the evaluation portion of the sales process. One of the biggest challenges in the sales process today is not just discovering and implementing the best technology to use; it is developing a successful working relationship between SEs and Sales professionals. This fact alone very often determines the success of that sales team in closing more sales and creating long-term happy customers (or customer success).

"Developing a successful relationship between Account Managers and Sales Engineers is one of those subtle skills that is easy to say you are doing, but hard to do well consistently."

Ramzi invited David McCulley (Co-founder and EVP of PreSales at Provarity) and Michael Griego (CRO at Provarity and a leading Sales Industry Consultant) to discuss "What Account Managers and Sales Engineers Need from Each Other." Ramzi Marjaba is the discussion moderator. He is an accomplished Sales Engineering thought leader and has published over 200 podcasts over the last few years. 

It's a great interview! They discussed the importance of the relationship between Account Managers and Sales Engineers during the sales process. They shared some really good tips and stories. The podcast includes discussion notes, key takeaways, valuable quotes, and links to must-read books and LinkedIn profiles.


Favorite Tips

Some of my favorite tips from the interview include:

  • Showing Reciprocal Respect
  • Maintaining Clear and Regular Communications
  • Setting Mutual Goals for the Sales Process
  • Conducting brief Pre-Call Planning Meetings
  • Leading Post-Call Review Meetings (what worked and what could be improved next time)

So please sit back and enjoy listening to two top experts share what they've learned over 20+ years of experience in developing top-performing world-class sales teams that exceed quota.

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