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Provarity XM

Proof of Success

Provarity’s pre-sales management solutions help vendors and buyers develop and maintain a clear picture of product fit throughout the customer lifecycle. By delivering transparency and insight within a series of managed workflows between key stakeholders, we help your business to run more profitably regardless of which side of the table you’re on.


Our Philosophy

We believe that transparency drives accountability and performance on both sides of the customer journey, from presales through renewal. Optimizing quality of service and product fit benefits vendors and buyers in equal measure. We believe that the conversation is a key part of that journey, and that the data that emerges from that conversation is the fuel that will power the next generation of insights in the fields of sales and purchase performance.

How we think

Our Approach

We think in terms of capability, not features. We put ourselves in the shoes of our customers and users, and work backwards to the code, not the other way around. We build our roadmap on evidence-based perspectives, in partnership with our customers and the market. We embrace change. Every day, we look for new ways to bring value to our daily users, and insight to leadership.

Who We Are

Provarity Team Leadership

Provarity was founded by a team of sales engineering and collaboration technology experts driven by a common goal. We leverage our backgrounds in enterprise sales and SaaS design to empathize with our customers and anticipate their needs. Together, we are building a platform to empower enterprise purchase stakeholders with unparalleled insight and visibility into the value exchange between vendor and buyer.

Russ Lujan
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

25-year sales and startup executive and product leader and business operator. Experience with social platforms, SaaS infrastructure, growth hacking, automation, CRM with a specialization in collaborative technology.

Jerry Casilli

30-year seasoned B2B sales expert in enterprise software and security solutions. As the original founder, Jerry understands the evaluation management challenge and leads sales.

Dave McCulley
Co-Founder and EVP of PreSales

30-year successful enterprise sales expert in software and security solutions with an extensive background in pre-sales solution selling, building, and managing programs. 

David Ashworth
VP, Delivery, Customer Success and Growth

Experienced in building solutions teams and developing customer success and professional services capabilities and associated team skills.

Anmol Agarwal
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Strong engineering skills and technical leadership responsible for architecting the backbone of projects, in field of enterprise software, entertainment, travel, healthcare.

Jonathan Hoffberg
Co-Founder, VP of Product & Design

Is a product and innovation leader with over 15 years of experience designing and shipping enterprise and consumer software, and managing multidisciplinary, high-performance teams in both startup and large company environments.

Mike Griego
Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)

Over 35 years of high-technology sales and management experience at companies ranging from IBM, StorageTek, Garner Group, IntelliQuest to Workshare. Founded MXL Partners in 2002, a Silicon Valley-based sales effectiveness consulting and training firm.

Barry Wetmore
Senior Director of Strategic Accounts

20+ years representing Vendor B2B enterprise caliber software solutions. Barry's primary expertise rests with helping startups establish scalable sales & marketing growth strategies.

Steve Kucklinca
Director of Business Operations

Steve joined Provarity bringing over 20 years of experience working for developing startups across Silicon Valley. Steve has scoped and implemented a variety of tech stack tools.

Sean Venkersammy
Business Development Manager
Where We Work

100% Virtual Business

Provarity was founded in the San Francisco Bay Area. Today, we are 100% virtual, with team members across the US and India.